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“Our commitment is to provide you with accurate competitive intelligence and benchmarking reports derived from primary research”

What to Expect

With over two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, PharmaForce International is the recognized market leader in delivering high-quality, insightful CI and benchmarking services.

In contrast, many vendors offering these same services rely heavily on secondary research.  Long ago, PharmaForce International made a commitment to deliver reports whose content is underpinned by extensive primary research.  Our clients can be confident they receive data where over 90% of it has been obtained and verified through primary research. 

How Do We Do It?

To gain information, PharmaForce international relies on unstructured interviews with key sources in the industry.  Conducted by multi-lingual CI professionals with extensive experience in pharmaceutical sales, these interviews are often hour-long discussions.  

Because the professionals conducting the interviews are as knowledgeable about the issues as are the interviewees, these discussions often take the form of peer-to-peer conversations. 

If a source balks at discussing key topics in great detail, our strong interviewing skills and obvious command of the topic usually allows us to obtain insights through indirect questioning.

Be sure to visit our website by clicking here. You can also contact Lorrie Berg-Henne at for any inquiries regarding our offerings, or give us a call at 610-370-2906.

Archived Press Releases


Top Pharma Company Cuts Jobs: How to keep up?
Release Date: 7/15/2016

Top Pharma Company Cuts Jobs: How to keep up?


Recently, a leading pharmaceutical company has announced it will lay off over 700 employees in the United States. Most of these layoffs are going to be affecting sales force deployment. This is a drastic change in employment size and there is a great tool that can be used to give you up-to-date sales force deployment data and more! This tool is known as the Global Deployment Analyzer

The Global Deployment Analyzer is a powerful web-based program that allows clients to access up-to-date deployment information for pharmaceutical sales forces on a global basis. This easy-to-use database is constantly updated via primary research to provide the current status on leading companies’ sales forces in the United States, Japan, Brazil, India and Europe.

One price provides a full year’s access to the database for all employees within your organization. Your teams can utilize the Global Deployment Analyzer tool regardless of where they are employed geographically.  Your organization can choose to purchase the entire database or select sections that meet your needs. No other resource matches PFI’s capabilities for tracking sales representatives on a global basis.


For more information and pricing, feel free to contact Lorrie Berg-Henne at or by phone (610)-370-2906


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Re-cap of Pharma CiMi.CON 2016
Release Date: 7/8/2016

PharmaForce International travels to CiMi.CON 2016


Last week, PharmaForce had the pleasure of attending the Pharma CiMi.CON in Berlin, Germany.  The conference hosted industry professionals who are highly specialized in competitive and market intelligence for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.  CI professionals from over 40 pharmaceutical and biotech industries took part in the inaugural event.  PharmaForce was honored to host an Icebreaker Session on the first evening of the conference.  The session was titled “Commercial Operations Intelligence:  Challenges and Opportunities.”  Industry personnel who attended the session were able to brainstorm on challenges that were faced by their organization and hear from others how those challenges were overcome at their respective organizations.  The unique conference design allowed professionals to listen and learn from an array of industry speaker while allowing time for interactive “Challenge your Peer” sessions.  Because of the unique “Networking Zone,” PharmaForce was able to connect face to face with existing clients while building new relationships and contacts.  PharmaForce was honored to be invited to this event and is looking forward to returning in 2017.



Pharma CiMi.CON website:


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PharmaForce International is headed to PHARMA.CIMI.CON 2016
Release Date: 6/22/2016

PharmaForce International is headed to PHARMA.CIMI.CON 2016

PharmaForce International is a proud Business Partner of the 2016 PHARMA.CIMI.CON 2016 conference being held in Berlin, Germany from June 26-28, 2016.  If you or your colleagues will be in attendance, please look for our Director, Marketing and Sales, Lorrie Berg-Henne, to say hello.  Lorrie will be hosting an Ice Breaker Session on Sunday, June 26, 2016 at 8pm titled “Commercial Operations Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities.”  Content for this session will work to address the following:


·         What are the biggest challenges, obstacles and limitations faced by industry when gathering intelligence data on commercial

operations functions?

·         How do companies manage these challenges, obstacles and limitations?

·         Once obtained, how is third party benchmarking and intelligence data validated and shared across the organization?


To learn more about the conference, please visit


To learn more about PharmaForce International, please visit our website at


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Competitive Benchmarking: Company Strategies for Leveraging the Field Medical Function
Release Date: 6/17/2016

Prior to beginning the research process for Competitive Benchmarking of Leading Pharmaceutical Companies’ Strategies for Leveraging the Field Medical Function: Approaches for Engaging Clinicians and Payers, PharmaForce International conducted detailed interviews with Field Medical Affairs (FMA) leadership to understand the most critical issues facing them in 2016.

As decisions about the therapeutic options available for patient care are made less and less at the physician level, some pharmaceutical companies have initiated a strategic shift to focus their FMA efforts on the payer level.  The report provides up-to-date and in-depth company-specific analysis on how companies are adapting to this historic shift in power.

Beyond the traditional therapeutic area Medical Science Liaison (MSL), companies are deploying an array of FMA personnel: Health Economics Outcomes Research (HEOR), Field Medical Physicians and payer-specific MSLs.

Assessing the value of these FMA personnel to the customer and to the company is also explored:  What quantitative information is assessed to determine qualitative excellence in MSL performance?

The primary research conducted by PharmaForce professionals provides insights and value far beyond the typical offerings, which tend to rely largely on secondary research.  Most key insights in the report are a result of in-depth conversations with knowledgeable industry personnel. 


Upon request, PharmaForce International will send a sample company report from Competitive Benchmarking of Leading Pharmaceutical Companies’ Strategies for Leveraging the Medical Liaison Function: Approaches for Engaging Clinicians and Payers to prospective clients.

A page entitledKey Changes Since the Previous Report” begins the section for all profiled companies. The balance of each company section identifies relevant and strategic developments along with up-to-date information on the following:

·         Strategic direction

o    Heavily populated with primary research findings

·         HEOR support

·         Role in creating materials for use in the field

·         Sharing information with Sales

·         Evaluation methods and metrics

o    Rewarding excellence

·         Organizational structure

·         Key roles and responsibilities

·         KOL identification process

·         Salary and bonus

To order, request a full list of the companies covered, or learn more about the study and the research methodology, please feel free to reply to this email or contact me by phone at 610-370-5640.


PFI’s Market Access Structures and Strategies: Leading Pharmaceutical Companies’ Approaches” rounds out the complete Market Access perspective, as it explores how select pharmaceutical companies deploy field-based functions such as Account Executives and Reimbursement personnel.  Should you have interest in both reports, a bundling discount can be applied.



For more Information, please contact Lorrie Berg-Henne at or by phone at 610-370-2906 ext. 109

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Competitive Benchmarking of Leading Pharmaceutical Companies’ Strategies For Leveraging the Medical Science Liaison Function in the United States, Europe and Japan
Release Date: 6/10/2016

Competitive Benchmarking of Leading

Pharmaceutical Companies’ Strategies For

Leveraging the Medical Science Liaison Function

in the United States, Europe and Japan

As it becomes more challenging for pharmaceutical companies to communicate key medical

information directly to physician audiences, the roles of Medical Science Liaisons and similar personnel

have become increasingly vital. Leading pharmaceutical companies have adopted varying approaches

for strategically influencing health care providers. This syndicated study allows clients to leverage these

key learnings in the report to their own strategic advantage.


The MSL benchmarking report describes in detail each leading pharmaceutical company’s strategy for deploying field medical personnel by assessing:


• Strategic approach to the Medical Science Liaison function

        Deployment of therapeutic area MSLs as well as payer - and outcomes - focused


• Guidelines for interactions with health care providers

• Compliance parameters

• KOL development

• Off-label questions

• Role in investigator-initiated studies (IISs)

• Use of technology and documentation practices

• Sharing of information across internal stakeholder groups

• Organizational charts/reporting relationships

• Key roles and responsibilities by title

• Educational requirements

• Qualitative and quantitative methods for evaluating Medical Science Liaison effectiveness

• Compensation by title             

• Salary

• Additional compensation

• Other benefits


For more Information on our MSL benchmarking report, feel free to contact Lorrie Berg-Henne at or by phone at 610-370-2906 ext. 109


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Leading Companies' Approaches to Managed Healthcare in the United States
Release Date: 6/3/2016

Market Access Strategies and Structures:

Leading Companies’ Approaches to Managed

Healthcare in the United States

This benchmarking report examines the Market Access approach of multiple leading pharmaceutical

and biotech organizations.

Key deliverables include:


• Strategic approach of field managed markets by company

• How organizations leverage specialized HEOR field units

• Approaches to managing payer cost concerns

• Tactics for engaging influential IDNs

• Specialty pharmacy channel development

• Strategies in preparation for biosimilar competition, where applicable

Each company section identifies relevant developments that provide an understanding of how:


• Individual companies deploy their field-based Market Access groups

• Newly deployed Payer Optimization personnel are improving access for select companies

• Market Access marketing groups are organized internally to support access initiatives

• Field-based Medical Affairs roles are expanding

HEOR liaisons

• Dedicated national and regional payer Market Access liaisons

This new study also includes up-to-date information on:


• Organizational structure/reporting relationships

• Portfolio management

• Reimbursement personnel, where applicable

• Compensation plans

For more detail on the deliverables, profiled companies, and pricing of this report, feel free to contact Lorrie Berg-Henne or by phone at (610)-370-2906 ext. 109

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Get a Head-Start On the Japan Biosimilars Market
Release Date: 5/27/2016

The biosimilars market in Japan continues to grow as market leaders in several therapeutic areas lose patent protection for biologic medications.   With many un-approved biosimilars in late-stage clinical development and few examples of already commercialized products to establish the best method for success, the need to understand how current market players have positioned themselves in this high-growth area is essential to building your own effective commercialization strategies.


Pharmaforce’s first syndicated offering in the Japanese Biosimilar market offers a unique opportunity to understand how ten of the top companies in this complex market have deployed and structured their Sales, Medical and Marketing Organizations.  Companies covered in the report were specifically chosen in order to examine multiple commercialization approaches.  Some of the profiled companies already had experience and established physician relationships in their product’s therapeutic area and have moved forward as the sole promoting entity.  Others recognized the need to partner with another organization in order to market their product effectively.


In addition to examining how and why each approach was chosen, the report also provides detailed coverage of:

-          Sales force deployment and product priorities, including full time equivalent (FTE allocation)where applicable

-          Medical Representative physician detailing strategy and the product differentiation techniques utilized for their assigned biosimilar medication

-          Deployment of biosimilar Marketing teams

-          Medical Liaison deployment associated with biosimilar products, including compensation, qualifications and key roles and responsibilities

-          Comparison of pricing for the original medication and the biosimilar

-          Structure of the biosimilar organization

-          Advisory boards held for biosimilar products


For any questions, feel free to contact Lorrie Berg-Henne at or by phone 610-370-2906 ext. 109



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Looking for Pharmaceuitcal Competitive Intelligence? Look No Further!
Release Date: 5/6/2016

                We Have the Competitive Intelligence Offerings You Need!

The healthcare model is constantly evolving and it can be difficult for companies to navigate this sea of change. You are interested in leveraging your resources to maximize product penetration, and PFI can help with this. As a nationally known and respected vendor of competitive intelligence, PFI offers unique commercial operations benchmarking for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our primary research-driven model helps many organizations improve their strategic positioning and approach. As experts in providing detailed insight derived from discussions with industry personnel across a multitude of functional disciplines and therapeutic areas, PFI offers one-of-a-kind information that is accurate and actionable. If you want to understand your competition and have a strategic advantage, you’ve come to the right place.

For more information, please contact Lorrie Berg-Henne by email at or by phone: 610-370-2906 ext. 109


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Competitive Benchmarking of Leading Oncology Sales and Marketing Organizations: Key Expenditures and Organizational Approaches: 15TH Annual Update
Release Date: 5/2/2016